The CEO: White Collar Crime Finance Suspense Thriller

Written by Peter Ralph
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Douglas Aspine was a cold, calculating bastard who lusted for the riches and power that came with being a public company CEO.


He was forty-five and running out of time when fate dealt him an unexpected opportunity.


An irresistible crime thriller.


The company was old, staid and well-respected, but it was underperforming, and Aspine was determined to turn it around no matter who he had to crush or how many toes he had to stand on.

 Soon he was at war with the company’s employees, unions, suppliers, financiers, and co-directors, but nothing was going to stop him. Not his chairman, not his wife, not his mistress, not the anonymous death threats, and definitely not the media.

 He could almost taste the glory, the riches, and peer recognition he’d craved for so long, but would those who he’d hurt so badly let him enjoy his ill-gotten gains? He knew he had countless detractors and enemies who he contemptuously labeled “losers” and paid them no heed.

 Would this prove to be a miscalculation of monumental proportions?

The CEO is a white-collar crime thriller that will grab you from the first line and take you on an enthralling, surprising and suspenseful ride you will not forget.

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