The Blonde Beast of Birkenau and Belsen:The Life and Crimes of Irma Grese

Written by Cynthia Southern

This biography is about Irma Grese, the infamous female camp guard, who committed heinous war crimes in Auschwitz-Birkenau and Bergen-Belsen during the Holocaust. She is also the youngest woman executed by the British during the twentieth century.

I have consulted every book and source of information about Irma Grese and wish to tell her biography in its entirety. Nothing is left out of Grese’s biography, including the sadistic and depraved acts she committed. She is known for these crimes and it doesn’t do History justice by leaving them out or lessening their devastating impact in print. We must know what war crimes she committed so we may always be vigilant that they never happen again. These are war crimes. All the sordid details about her crimes come from survivors who witnessed or experienced them. Their accounts are vitally important to understand Irma Grese.



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