The Bikini Prophecy: A true tale about love, loss, India … and a date with fate. (Part 1)

Written by Matt Kyler

How far would you go for love? … Would you tempt fate?

In this romantic adventure, written by the world’s most feminine Aussie Alpha Male, readers are taken on a grey journey – from light to dark – to a place where ‘happily ever afters’ aren’t always neat and tidy. Fans of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ beware … this tale bites back.

At thirty years of age, an unemployed and relationship-weary Matt Kyler decides to abandon his long-suffering partner in search of fame, fortune and guilt-free fornication. His reward for this bastard act of selfishness is an invite to work on a hit television show.

But if fortune favours the brave then misfortune is sure to find the cowardly Kyler. And before long his perfect new life begins to unravel, taking with it his masculinity, self-confidence and good humour.

Desperate for spiritual guidance, he visits a tarot card reader. But instead of finding solace, he finds disaster at every turn and is, ultimately, reminded that there are two women in his life – one of whom he must not hurt.

But which woman?

The beautiful co-worker he is convinced will lead him to a better future?
Or the past love he is so determined to run from?

In confusion, the vulnerable Kyler decides to take destiny into his own hands. Quitting his dream job, he embarks on a prophetic adventure of love through India, where he is exposed to a continent of contrasts and a collection of characters with dysfunctional lives that rival his own.

He also discovers, somewhat inconveniently, the devastating truth behind his own broken life.

The Bikini Prophecy is a hilarious travelogue of the heart; an unhinged adventure about love, loss, India … and one man’s date with fate.

Please note: This story is published in three (3) parts of about 35,000 words each. Sign up to the author’s newsletter to receive your free copy of part two and three upon release –

***These books contain swearing and adult concepts that may be distressing to some readers.***



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