The Better Boss Blueprint: Live and Lead with No Regrets

Written by Shani Magosky
Category: · Business & Money

We were never taught how to lead effectively!

Smart people have been talking about great leadership for decades, yet it doesn’t seem to stick—we still don’t have widespread change happening within our organizations.

The Better Boss Blueprint cuts through the BS, clutter, and complex messages standard in “old, white-guy discourses” on leadership. Magosky walks the reader through ten simple—yet not simplistic—commitments that propel better bosses to success.

Written for all leaders, from corporations to solopreneurs, coaches to volunteers—anyone who hopes to achieve greatness with their team—The Better Boss Blueprint will teach you to be a more effective boss. Create an empowering and results-oriented culture in which everyone thrives—you, other leaders, employees, customers, vendors, and all stakeholders. 

Inside this book you’ll discover how to:

– Get your sh*t together by first putting on your oxygen mask

– Create your “To-Be” list and revolutionize communication with your team

– Hold meetings that don’t suck and make them ‘self-assemble’

– Engage people by having actual conversations and avoid having a bad-boss nightmare

Make the change now to become a Better Boss…and watch the ripple effects on your team, in your workplace, and in your world. Join the quest to live and lead with #NoRegrets!



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