The Best Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook: 45 Simple and Delicious Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Recipes for Vegans

Written by Mira Glenn

So perhaps, you have a pressure cooker, or you are planning to purchase one, and you are looking for some recipes. Not just recipes, great recipes, and not just great recipes, great vegan recipes. Think you cannot find any? This recipe book contains 45 great tasting Vegan recipes designed to be prepared in your pressure cooker.

You no longer have to sacrifice time to prepare a great tasting meal, and if you are looking for Vegan recipes, look no further, it’s all right here, 45 Vegan recipes, and they take minutes instead of hours to prepare. Vegan recipes are not always easy to locate, and occasionally have ingredients that do not qualify as a “Vegan” recipe. This recipe book only contains Vegan recipes, and to make them easy to prepare, they are recipes designed for your pressure cooker.

Impress your lunch friends with a delicious vegan squash soup, creamy and delicious, they will feel like they are being served in a vegan restaurant. Feeding the guys for lunch? Serve the vegan pulled pork sandwiches, and they will think they have gone to a barbecue eatery. Surprise the kids with the creamy vegan mac and cheese, or make it for dinner, it’s a meal in itself. Or, go for the Moroccan stew for a spicy change, it is a great change from the everyday meals.

Enjoy each of the forty-five recipes in the book, and feel great knowing that you are eating and serving 100% pure vegan recipes. Many of the meals are designed with children in mind, so healthy eating habits can be implemented at the early age. Young or old, everyone will appreciate your cooking ability with these delicious vegan recipes. Serve great tasting and healthy meals every day of the week, eat healthy, and eat well, eat vegan.

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