The Beatles: Please Please Me – The Album Guide

Written by Joe Rodgers
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Imagine having the history of The Beatles recording career in the palm of your hand! Dinosaur Album Guides take you through the story of the creation of each Beatles album one by one. Starting with ‘Please, Please Me; The Album Guide’, Dinosaur Album Guides deliver the details you want to know in a style which is objective, interactive, engaging, educational and above all, fun.

With its lyrical themes of teen angst, insecurity, euphoric joy, love and depression, combined with the high octane rock ‘n’ roll of its loud guitars and trashy open high-hats, the release of ‘Please Please Me’ in March 1963 was a seminal moment in the history of British rock music. Its success at home paved the way for the Beatles’ relentless evolution throughout 1963, culminating in their international explosion in 1964. English artists were virtually unknown in the US prior to the British invasion, spearheaded by the Beatles in 1964. The musical and cultural explosion which followed their breakthrough established British pop/rock, particularly alternative, as the dominating force in international music over the following 30-40 years. And it all began with ‘Please Please Me’.

The guides focus on key areas of each album track and single release, treating every song and album on its own merits. Divided into convenient user-friendly sections for each song: Production Credits; Background; Recording; Analysis; Impact; Discography

Each guide traces the conceptual triggers behind the songs; the musical and lyrical inspiration; the recording logistics; instrumentation; engineering and production details; guest musicians; number of takes and much, much more. Our guides also feature musical analysis of the songs and performances, questioning and debating myths and legends. In addition the guides provide a narrative on the professional and personal lives and relationships of the group and their peers at the time of writing/recording, which includes anecdotal supplements supported by quotations from the group themselves as well as EMI staff, peers, and musicians. Finally, the guides set out to associate Beatles records with the instruments and effects used to create the particular sounds which made these recordings so unique.



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