The Amazing Adventures of Toby the Trilby (The Toby the Trilby Series Book 1)

Written by Angela Castillo
Category: · Children’s Books

2015 Summer Book Awards Winner from Book of the Day
A fable for all ages.
Adventure Seekers, Young and Old, Join Toby, Small, but Bold …
He was born underground, at the edge of the world’s destruction. Twelve years old, Toby has never seen the sun. Created by six scientists who accidentally gave him cat ears (and a tail), Toby decides to leave the safety of his cavern world to seek answers. Did anyone survive the Great Destruction? Why has he been hearing a mysterious Voice? And, most important of all, does he have a soul?

“It has a strong message about God and how no matter how you look God loves you anyway.” S. Cu’Anam Policar

“This book was heart-warming, full of beautiful prose, unexpected poetry, and lovable characters.” Joshua Allen Mercier, The Bearded Scribe

“Toby is a really good role model for lots of people as he shows that you can do anything, if you trust in the right life mapmaker.” Em, Age 14



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