The 2 Position Guitar Scale System: An Introduction

Written by Graham Tippett
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If you’re looking for a system in order to learn to improvise on guitar that’s not based on endless patterns and boring scale exercises, or if you’re struggling to improvise on guitar because you can’t make sense of scales, or apply them in a practical way, this method is for you. With just 2 scale patterns for each scale, we’ll show you how to learn guitar scales all over the fretboard with ease in a matter of hours, not weeks, months or even years.

The method is beautifully simple and easy to work with; there’s also very little theory involved which allows you to get straight to the good part: actually improvising with a variety of scales, and above all, not feeling lost!

This eBook is suitable for beginners starting out with scales right up to more experienced players looking to consolidate their improvisational skills, and be able to pick and choose the scales they play over chords. If you’re stuck with the CAGED system, this method will also provide you with a welcome alternative, and clear up the confusion.

Although this book is an introduction, it provides you with a fully-functional method for learning scales all over the fretboard with relative ease, as well as the resources to learn a wide variety of scales.

I’ve seen some incredible results from years of teaching this system of learning scales, and I hope you do too.

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