Thanksgiving with the Werewolves (The Vampire’s Housekeeper Chronicles Book 4)

Written by J Bennett

Deidre Faces Her Greatest Challenge Yet — Surviving the Diet From Hell So She Can Look Good for Thanksgivings…Oh, and Surviving the Werewolves, Too

Turns out, being a vampire’s housekeeper isn’t so bad when you’ve got a friend to keep you company. Sure, Deidre still can’t keep her fichus alive, but things are almost cheerful at the haunted mansion now that Nathaniel’s official apprentice, Hunter is around to deflect her boss’s tantrums and help Deidre iron Nathaniel’s capes. Of course, life would be a whole lot more perfect if a certain hunky wereferret were to finally discover that beauty comes on the inside too.

After a year of swooning over her best friend, Drew, who may or may not be painfully out of her league, Deidre finally gets a shot to catch his eye. Drew asks her to family Thanksgiving. Of course, the date is only a ruse to make Drew’s ex-girlfriend (who also happens to be a stupidly beautiful witch) jealous, but Deidre knows an opportunity when it kinda, sorta presents itself. If she can be an awesome fake girlfriend, maybe Drew will finally get it into his gorgeously thick head that she might make a decent real girlfriend too.

Thus begins a new and hilarious chapter in the Vampire’s Housekeeper Chronicles series. As usual, Deidre must play nice with the ghosts at the mansion and try not to get on the wrong side of her boss’s teeth, but now the plucky, only ever-so-slightly overweight housekeeper has a date with destiny. Weird thing is that destiny also includes a table full of werecreatures who may not be totally satisfied with ripping a turkey carcass to shreds. In other words, it’s pretty much a tossup whether Deidre will survive a Thanksgiving with werewolves or the crazy strict diet she goes on leading up to the big day.

Join Deidre, Nathaniel, Drew, Hunter, and the colorful cast of characters in the Vampire’s Housekeeper Chronicles for this penultimate novella. Will Deidre finally get her heart’s desire, or will she realize that love is for the dogs?



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