Terminal Connection

Written by Dan Needles
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

What if a terrorist were a computer virus, its weapon a defect, and its target the U.S. military?
Welcome to the present, where the lines are blurred between terrorists and governments, virtual worlds and reality. In a war of information, everyone is on the frontline.

Steve Donovan, founder of NEXUS Corp, has developed a virtual technology that could help his daughter walk again. Riddled with guilt over the accident that crippled Brooke, Donovan buries himself in developing the Nexus. But when a young girl dies using the Nexus, CEO Austin Wheeler decides lawsuits are cheaper than a recall.

On Tianya Haijiao, China’s southernmost beaches of Hainan Island, a killer waits for all who pass into virtual reality.
Exploiting a defect that triggers fatal seizures, a hacker introduces a deadly virus—a virtual serial killer. Torn between his conscious and his invention, and distracted by a sexy federal investigator and a bottle of scotch, Donovan chases the killer through uncharted virtual worlds, where nothing is as it seems. He discovers a conspiracy that threatens U.S. security and Brooke’s life. As two superpowers face off in global confrontation, Donovan realizes that in order to stop the killer, he must break the TERMINAL CONNECTION.



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