Ten Years Gone (Private Investigator Adam Lapid Historical Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense Series Book 1)

Written by Jonathan Dunsky

She gave up her son to save him.

Will she ever find him again?

Germany, 1939 – Henrietta Ackerland, a Jewish mother in Nazi Germany, makes a heart-rending decision. She gives her baby boy, Willie, to a friend who is fleeing Germany to Israel.

Henrietta plans on following soon, but World War 2 breaks out, stranding her in Europe.

Israel, 1949 – Henrietta finally makes it to Israel. She’s heard no word of Willie. The police won’t help her find him. So she turns to the one man who can.

Private investigator Adam Lapid knows it will take a miracle to find Willie Ackerland. And Adam doesn’t believe in miracles. Not after experiencing the horrors of Auschwitz. Not after losing his family in the Holocaust.

But he can’t refuse to help a mother whose child is missing.

As Adam begins to unravel the past, he encounters a web of deceit and long-hidden secrets and discovers a truth so terrible that it shocks him to his core.

Is Willie alive or dead? How did he vanish without a trace? 

And who will stop at nothing, including murder, to prevent Adam from learning the truth?

You will love Ten Years Gone because it’s a gripping mystery novel full of suspense, riveting characters, shocking twists, and heart-wrenching moments.

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Q: What Makes The Adam Lapid Historical Mysteries Series Unique?

A: I wanted to write a historical murder mystery series that takes place in the early days of the State of Israel, starting in 1949, right after Israel became independent. As far as I know, there is no other mystery series that takes place in Israel at that time.

Adam Lapid is a private detective like no other. Tough, smart, dedicated, and with a sense of justice uniquely his own. You will love reading about him.

Throughout the books, Adam Lapid solves crimes and also attempts to rebuild his life after losing his  family in Auschwitz. So you can expect an emotional and exciting reading experience, one that will stay with you long after you turn the last page.

Q: Do I need to read the books in a specific order?

A: Each book in the Adam Lapid series is a standalone mystery. You can pick any one and start reading. 

That being said, you may find it better to read the books in chronological order.

I suggest this sequence:

  • Ten Years Gone

  • The Dead Sister

  • The Auschwitz Violinist

  • A Debt of Death

Q: What sort of reader will enjoy reading Ten Years Gone?

A: If you like crime fiction, especially private investigator mysteries, you will love Ten Years Gone. If you have an interest in historical mysteries, Israeli history or Jewish mysteries, this book is definitely for you.

Ten Years Gone is a thrilling mystery novel with plenty of twists and action, a little romance, unforgettable characters, and a plot that will keep you guessing to the end. As one reader wrote, part of him wanted to get to the solution as fast as possible, while another part wanted the book to never end.

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