Ten Thousand Gods Episode 1 (A Dark Comedy)

Written by Jim Hodgson
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In this darkly funny book, we find out what would happen if the gods walked among mortals. Which gods? All gods. All religions. At the same time. But there aren’t just religious gods. Oh no. There are also gods of things that people do religiously. Swimming? God. Bowling? God. Atheism? …actually, yes!

Phineas Sealby is a deity beat reporter at the Atlanta Record. His heart-felt reporting style puts him in a bad position with his publisher, who is also his girlfriend’s dad. If he has any hope of keeping his job and the love of his life, he must contact and interview the one god no one has seen yet.

The god has to exist. He just has to. And Phineas has to find him. There’s just one problem: that god is Satan. Come along on a paradoxical, bizarre journey literally to Hell and back with possessed cell phones, accidental intimate photos, and a small man with a gross beard.



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