Taken by Magic: a New Adult Fantasy novel (The Baine Chronicles Book 8)

Written by Jasmine Walt
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Join Sunaya one last time for this final installment in the Baine Chronicles series…

Even as Sunaya’s fairy-tale romance with her handsome, powerful Chief Mage is celebrated in the media, all Sunaya wants is to get past the endless duties and social engagements of her new role, and spend a bit of private time with Iannis. Doing her best to ignore the many naysayers poo-pooing their match, she counts down the days of these last stressful weeks before the wedding and much-needed honeymoon.

But as it turns out, dealing with snooty mages and uppity politicians are the least of Sunaya’s troubles. For Sunaya and Iannis have failed to reckon with an ancient and powerful enemy, who does not want their union to take place, and will go to any lengths to separate them—including murder.
Torn from her friends and family, faced with harrowing dangers with no one to call to for help, Sunaya must fight for her love and happiness against overwhelming odds.

Whether or not she is survives to see her wedding day rests entirely on Sunaya’s shoulders. And despite being ill-prepared for the challenges ahead, Sunaya has every intention of making her latest enemy regret their attempt to keep her from the man she loves most in the world.

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