Tacos Fiesta: Delicious Bouquet of Tacos Recipes from the Heart of Mexico

Written by James Miller

Mexican cuisine as any other all around the world has its national dishes, that, can be justifiably proud of. The best known example of Mexican food is tacos. There are a lot of variations of this amazing dish, which depend on the region where it’s prepared or on the persons who cooks it. If to take into account different historical reasons, taco is really simple in making and, by the way, can satisfy tastes of meat lovers and vegetarians equally.

Mexican tacos may be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack. In this Mexican cookbook you will find the authentic tacos recipes including grilled tacos, sweaty tacos, and fried tacos, tacos with fish and tacos from the different types of meat.

The basic ingredient of taco is tortilla that may be of made from the wheat flour or corn flour. Tortilla is usually made in Mexico or The USA but now, thanks to the author of this tacos cookbook you can make it by yourself no matter where you are. Tortillas and tacos recipes given here are followed by clear instructions and step by step photos of cooking.

Make mexican recipes a part of your life.



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