Sweet Potato Power!: Celebrate Sweet Potato Month, Week or Day with 40 All-Year Round Recipes

Written by Christina Tosch

It’s official, sweet potatoes are not only versatile but also make a satisfying savory appetizer, side or main.

Packing a powerful nutritional punch, they are sensational in sweet desserts and candy, too.

So it’s hardly any wonder that this tremendous tuber has not one, but four foodie holidays celebrating its potato power!

From National Sweet Potato Month in February to Cook a Sweet Potato Day on February 22nd to Sweet Potato Day on April 1st. Not forgetting, November’s Sweet Potato Awareness Month – they really are an all-year-round veggie.

Sweet potatoes are the star of the Thanksgiving table, but they are great for so much more than just a pie.

One thing is for sure whether you bake, fold or mash them, from salads to soups to tagines and trifles, sweet potatoes are simply delicious.



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