Survive – Day One

Written by A.R. Wise
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A coronal mass ejection is hurtling towards Earth, promising destruction unlike anything the modern world has ever been forced to endure. Scientists predict the electrical grid will suffer irreparable harm. Gasoline will stop being delivered, and soon after food and water shortages will threaten life as we know it. And that’s just the beginning of the problems Porter and his brother, Red, face at the start of this apocalypse.

The Law brothers need to make their way over a thousand miles across the country to get to their loved ones, but cataclysmic forces seem aligned against them. Every hour of the day is plagued with new hurdles to overcome on the start of their journey. Will they even make it through the first day?

Survive – Day One is the first of seven parts of a new series by the acclaimed author of the Deadlocked and 314 series, A.R. Wise. The Survive series will be released each month through April 2017.



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