Stocks For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide To Investing In The Stock Market Easily And Effectively

Written by Andrew Steinman
Category: · Business & Money

In this book, you’ll learn the different aspects of stock investing so you can minimize losing money in the process. This book is intended for beginners who do not have a firsthand knowledge on stock investing. Some of the concepts may also be used as refreshers to investors who stopped investing for quite some time.
Stock investing is a broad topic but this book intends to tackle the most common concepts that a beginner should know. Use this book in conjunction with other resources that you may find during your research.
This book contains recommendations and tips on how to deal difficult concepts in stock investing. However, those tips are not absolute. If you think those tips and concepts won’t give you the results you are expecting, by all means, you are encouraged to read more about a concept that this book has not adequately discussed.
This book is a culmination of research and years of experiences of a stock investor. Some of the tips mentioned are the product of personal experiences. These may or may not work on your own investment strategies because of varying financial goals.
The book has three parts. Part one is an overview of stock investing. Part two gives you a glimpse on how the stock market works. Part three discusses the different winning strategies.



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