Stealing Ula: A Fada Shapeshifter Prequel (The Fada Shapeshifter Book 0)

Written by Rebecca Rivard
Category: · Romance

2017 PRISM Finalist for Best Paranormal Historical Romance
“A steamy, spellbinding romance with phenomenal pacing…”
~IndD’Tale Magazine, 5 stars

A Seer with a Gift she can’t control.
Ula Gallagan has the Gift of Sight—but it’s more a curse than a blessing. To protect herself, she keeps her Gift locked away. But when a scarred shifter from Portugal seeks lodging with her Irish sea fada clan, her every instinct screams that he’s up to something.

A mercenary on a secret mission.
Portuguese shifter Nisio do Rio is in Ireland on a job for the fae. The last thing he needs is to get entangled with a local, especially the daughter of a powerful alpha. He resolves to stay far away from Ula—no matter how much both he and his animal want the pretty black-haired Irishwoman.

Then things go very wrong and Nisio and Ula find themselves running for their lives from a powerful fae king. Only Ula’s Sight can save them—but will they find the key to unlocking her Gift in time?

Shapeshifters created during Dionysus’s infamous bacchanals.
They’re ruthless, untamed—and impossible to resist.

Read an excerpt:

The silver-eyed shifter from Portugal was up to something.

Ula glanced at where Nisio do Rio was eating dinner at a table with some of the warriors. Big and broad-shouldered with long dark hair, the man stood out among her Irish sea fada clan like an outsized black wolf.

One cheek was slashed by a scar—and the fada didn’t scar easily. They were shapeshifters, a mix of animal, human, and fae along with a touch of the god Dionysus himself. That mix of god and magic meant that fada healed quickly and cleanly. But Nisio had a jagged white scar streaking from the corner of his eye to his jaw.

It was a wonder her da had extended clan hospitality to the man, but then, as alpha of the Shannon Sea Fada, her da didn’t scare easily. And to be fair, he hadn’t had much choice. Water fada were the wanderers of the shifter world. Their animals were dolphins, sharks, seals—water lovers who roamed the world’s oceans and rivers. Tradition held that these travelers were treated as honored guests, and to the fada, tradition had the force of law.

Ula turned her attention back to her dinner. They were gathered around plank wood tables in the great hall, the huge limestone cavern at the heart of the Shannon Base. High above, fae lights hovered near the ceiling, casting a soft glow over the crowd below.

She ate slowly, savoring the fresh taste of wild salmon and the last greens of autumn—after last year’s famine, she’d never again take any meal for granted. But she couldn’t help worrying at the mystery of Nisio do Rio. As the alpha’s only daughter, it was her job to make sure guests had everything they needed.

The Portuguese shifter had been polite but close-mouthed. About all he’d told her was that he was a Douro River Fada. When she’d blinked, his mouth had twisted.

Sim, senhorita. I see you know of us.”

“I do.” The Douro men had a bad reputation even among the fada. They were mercenaries and assassins, hard, ruthless males who made a living by hiring themselves out to the highest bidder. Men like that didn’t aimlessly ride the waves.

Ula stole another look at the Portuguese fada.

Thick black lashes lifted and his silver eyes heated into something bright, molten. The sounds of her large and sociable clan eating dinner faded as she stared at him, arrested. She found herself swaying in his direction…



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