Stealing Christmas

Written by Matthew Sullivan

Middle grade comedy fans will love this hilarious holiday heist. This soon-to-be Christmas classic captures the true spirit of the season and the importance of family in a fun and fast-paced story that’s enjoyable for children and parents alike!

Seventh-grader Mitch Murphy never wanted anything as much as he wanted a Playstation 4. And he was on his way to getting one for Christmas, too. But when his cousins get into a blowout food fight on Thanksgiving, Mitch gets caught in the collateral damage, and they all lose their Christmas presents as punishment.

Stripped of the gift he spent the past year obsessing over, all hope is lost for Mitch … that is, until he discovers where all of the their presents are being stashed. Now, Mitch must corral his motley crew of cousins to help him pull off a heist to steal their Christmas–and his PlayStation–back. But just how far is he willing to go to get the gift of his dreams?



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