Splinters In Time (The Time Bubble Book 4)

Written by Jason Ayres
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Getting lost in the wrong time was bad enough. But things get far worse for Josh Gardner when he can’t even find his way back to his own universe.

When his ex-girlfriend, Lauren, starts having recurring nightmares about a strange alternate reality in which she was murdered, Josh becomes interested in proving the existence of other universes. Finding a focal point in the past from which thousands of new universes seem to stem, he travels back in time to find out how they were created. Unfortunately he ends up causing the very event that he went back to investigate.

Cast adrift in the multiverse, he no longer has any control over where and when he will end up. With each jump sending him further and further back in time, he finds himself lurching from one alternate universe to another, some similar to his own, others drastically different. He has but one hope – to find an alter ego in another universe to help him find his way home. But in worlds ravaged by wars and diseases, in many cases it becomes a battle just to stay alive.

This story is the fourth instalment of The Time Bubble series. Three spin-off novels are also available: My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday, Midlife Crisis and Rock Bottom.

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