Spinning The Record: Sex, Drugs, Rock Stars, Divas and Untold Tales from the Music Biz

Written by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff
Category: · Arts & Photography

DIRTY LITTLE SECRETSSex, drugs, rock stars, divas, d-bags and previously untold stories about some of the biggest acts in music and the crazy things that have happened behind the scenes.

What happens when someone gets murdered in your hotel while you’re on tour? How do you get backstage at a big rock concert? How much drugs were people in the music business really doing in the 70’s and 80’s? Which superstar artist rented out a whole supermarket after hours?

Rock legend has it that one newly-minted superstar’s career was killed by a single shot — an sniper’s bullet fired through the lens of a camera and broadcast to an eagerly awaiting public through the magic of music video and the television channel that had become the most powerful pop culture engine in modern history. Finally, the truth can be told about what really happened… and the story is pretty hilarious.

From Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, author of the acclaimed bestseller Where’s My F*cking Latte? (And Other Stories About Being an Assistant in Hollywood) – featured on TV’s hit ACCESS HOLLYWOOD and E! Entertainment’s SECRET SOCIETIES OF HOLLYWOOD – comes a revealing look at the sometimes shocking, but always entertaining world of popular music, rock stars and the music business as told by the people who have lived it.

SPINNING THE RECORD will take you behind-the-scenes in a world few get to see up close and personal like this. If you’ve always wanted a backstage pass, now’s your chance to hear about what really happens when the lights go down. Published as a series of blind items — No names are named and all sources kept confidential — but can you guess who’s who?



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