Spider’s Web (Glenmore Park Book 1)

Written by Mike Omer
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Sometimes, Death Comes With a Warning

There’s a killer prowling the streets. He stalks and murders young women seemingly at random, and he always warns them first…

Twenty year old Kendele Byers is savagely killed and buried in a shallow grave. She had a violent past, a bizarre kinky line of work, and the suspect list grows longer every day.

But when another woman is murdered, Detective Mitchell Lonnie realizes that there’s something much more sinister afoot, a connection between the two murders. Both victims had received a clue hinting their oncoming demise several minutes before they were attacked. There’s a serial killer in Glenmore Park. Even worse, he seems to be accelerating his murder pace.

Now Mitchell and his partner need to locate the killer before more innocent women die. But when his sister gets involved, Mitchell’s focus begins to unravel. Soon his pursuit becomes personal, and the stakes rise very high…
The Glenmore Park Mysteries are stand alone novels, and can be read in any order. They have interconnecting characters that you come to love.

Publication order:
1. Spider’s Web
2. Deadly Web
3. Web of Fear

What People Are Saying About Spider’s Web

If you like James Patterson’s Alex Cross, You’re going to like this as well – Wayne Stinnet, Author of the Caribbean Adventure Series

Grittiness, dry humor, and fun crime stuff, in perfect ratios – Dawn McKenna, Author of the Forgotten Coast Series

Draws you into the book from the very first chapter – Michelle’s Book Ends

Definitely a page turner – C. N. Crawford, Author of The Witching Elm

Omer’s mystery is compelling from page one, the sense of dread palpable – For the love of books

Very well-written book with some great twists and turns and a real nail-biter of an ending – Tammi Labrecque, Author of Midnight Confessions

This time I found myself a winner – Alexandra’s adventures in books

What makes this book different from a thousand others? Firstly, the characters – Pauline M. Ross, Author of The Plains of Kallanash

The action is nonstop and the drama is as tight as a well-tuned violin string – Charles Ray’s Ramblings



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