Special Task Force: GREEN MAJIK #1 “Pretty Hate Machine”: The Reader Feedback Dooms Day Edition

Written by Don Templeton
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

A maverick detective, a Gonzo journalist, and a porn star fight to expose the federal government’s involvement in the worst schoolyard shooting in history while a super-secret strike unit infiltrates the center of the cyclone, the factory where little girls are turned into suicide juggernauts and unleashed.

Twilight’s Last Gleaming

Someone is turning American school girls into suicide juggernauts.

Detective Jack “Blackjack” Carnahan investigates the brutal homicide of a postal employee and his family. A mysterious Man In Black agent from Homeland Security is focusing on Carnahan over the victim’s computer hard drive and what wasn’t on it when taken into custody.

Meanwhile, in the swamps of Louisiana, Special Agent Mallory Harmon is trussed up for ritual sacrifice by an inbred clan of alligator farmers. A startling discovery has been made: the frightening swamp dwellers have been trafficking in an exotic species — a species that has never been observed alive in the wild before.

Local hypnotherapist Buffy Rayburn has been drafted into the service of a “special task force” dispatched to investigate the the worst schoolyard shooting in U.S. history, the May Day Massacre. Buffy is the leading expert in the hotly debated existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

While Jack Carnahan races against the clock to discover the connections between a pint-sized suicide juggernaut, the brutal killings of a UFO researcher and his family, and the U.S. Government, a gang of assassins-for-hire, Denver Police motorcycle traffic cops by day, are closing in, determined to add Blackjack Carnahan to the list of casualties being shredded in this Pretty Hate Machine.

Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

Special Task Force: GREEN MAJIK is a genre hybrid of action & adventure and Lovecraftian horror in the American pulp tradition. It is a serial series, not a stand alone series. The books are numbered, like comic books, and should be read starting with #1. Readers are in luck. This book is #1. The Flagship. The Kick-Off. The Ground Floor.

DON TEMPLETON has concocted a strange brew here, a delightful canvas of characters to confront the most dire threats ever to face the human race. Templeton is a mad genre-splicer, mixing diverse ingredients such as action & adventure romance fiction, sci-fi, splatterpunk horror, dark conspiracy, conspiracy thriller, dark fantasy horror, Lovecraftian horror with Lovecraftian monsters, the paranormal, the pulp hero in a pulp thriller, hard-boiled occult detective, the vigilante justice organized crime novel, dark fantasy with sex and magic, and the Cthulhu Mythos into a smorgasbord of jaw-dropping water cooler scenes. Don sez he’s created a new genre in this novel as well: the Djinn romance genre.

DON TEMPLETON talks about his characters and who they are (from the Author Blog at bluefalconpress.com):

“I admit the method to my madness in this series (Special Task Force: GREEN MAJIK) is to create a cast of characters who are analogs of my most favorite characters from cinema, TV, genre fiction, comic books, and real life then unleash this rag-tag band against the most fearsome threat to humanity I could cook up.”

Categories: action & adventure romance fiction, splatterpunk horror, paranormal, Cthulhu Mythos, pulp hero, pulp thrillers, vigilante justice, organized crime novel, men’s action, conspiracy, conspiracy thriller, Lovecraftian horror, dark fantasy horror, occult detective, hard boiled, Djinn romance, call of cthulhu, dark fantasy with sex and magic.

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