Sick Girl (A Psychological Thriller)

Written by Rachel Hargrove

His wife always comes first. Until now.

25-year-old scrappy Aubrey is fed up with her boyfriend, Tom, a married man with two children. When he’s not shoving their affair on the back burner, he’s canceling their dates. With a frightening health diagnosis looming over her shoulder, Aubrey concocts a desperate plan to have Tom forever.

Kill his wife. Take her place.

Befriending Tom’s successful, kind wife comes easily to Aubrey. However, the closer they become, the more doubts Aubrey has about following through. Then a shocking discovery changes everything…

Sick Girl is an addicting psychological thriller that explores mental illness with a compelling unreliable narrator from debut author Rachel Hargrove. Read the gripping novel readers are calling “better than Gone Girl” and “unputdownable!”



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