Shelly’s Plan: (bedtime stories picture book for children, preschool and ages 6-8)

Written by Karl Woodhouse
Category: · Children’s Books

Why did the elephant break out of the zoo? To shop for a golden crown of course!

Shelly the elephant loves beautiful things. She can’t stop thinking about dazzling dresses, glittering gemstones, and deliciously dainty shoes. Nothing would make this zoo animal happier than going on an endless shopping spree.

When Shelly spies a gorgeous golden crown, her heart is set on making the shiny possession hers. Determined to break out of the zoo for the shopping trip of a lifetime, she’ll need to climb the rocks and open the locks. Her only chance of escape may require the help of her best elephant friends: Jelly, Welly, Smelly, and Belly. With all the help in the world, can she complete her quest for a crown or will she miss out on becoming the queen of the zoo?

Shelly’s Plan is a children’s picture book perfect for kids aged 6-8. If you and your child like funny stories, clever rhymes, and amazing animal antics, then you’ll love Karl Woodhouse’s beautifully-illustrated adventure.

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