Serial Killers: The most Terrifying Serial Killers in California and Their Cases (serial killers, true crime)

Written by Tyler Crane

Serial Killers: True Crime Stories Of The Most Terrifying Serial Killers in California: Serial Killers Biographies and Cases

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California is the Golden State. Home to over 1.8 million inhabitants, an area rich with culture. Globally known as one of the places to visit when you’re in the States, with beautiful cities and landmarks, impressive highways and beaches, and even the locals being mostly good looking and friendly.

Such a place seems like the perfect place to be… Unless you count the dozens of serial killers who have the state their home. In “Serial Killers in California” we will cover the stories of five of the biggest serial killers to have lived in the Golden State, who made it not only their home, but their hunting ground, living a life of death and darkness.

We hope you enjoy the book, and that it doesn’t put you off visiting the beautiful state of California.

Here Is A Preview Of the Book…

  • “The Night Stalker” – Richard Ramirez
  • “The Freeway Killer” – William Bonin
  • “The Mass Murderer of Fresno” – Marcus Wesson
  • “The Monster” – Timothy Joseph McGhee
  • “Charlie” – Charles Manson
  • Much, Much more

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