Second Chances (Maplebrooke Book 1)

Written by Emma Taylor
Category: · Romance

Avery Briggs had a broken heart that time had yet to heal. Five long years had passed since Carter Wilcox had stomped all over her heart. He’d left her broken and alone and run off to college, only to jump into a new relationship right away.

Carter Wilcox is not who you think he is. He’s not the heartless bastard Avery thinks he is. For five long years he was trapped in a loveless marriage. Five long years away from Avery. Five long years doing what his father wanted.

Carter is back in town after his divorce is final, and he’s hell bent on getting Avery back. Can she see the man he’s become now and forget all of the heartache from before? Is five years long enough to heal a broken heart?

Is there a happily ever after in their future? Or will it all end in tears?

**For those who have read the original Second Chances, this version will for the most part be unrecognizable. It has been extended and a lot of details have been added and changed.

Maplebrooke Series Reading Order:
Second Chances (Book 1)
That Forgotten night (Book 2) (Coming 2017)



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