Science Fiction and Fantasy: Halos Book 1: Action Sorcery Paranormal (Dark Adventure Demon Shapeshifter Humor Horror International Interracial Romance Thriller Mystery Short Stories) (Halos Series)

Written by Jeff Grant

Follow the adventures of Aero, a young martial artist who is also a gifted blacksmith living with the power of an ancient warrior inside him, as he grows from a young boy to a fighter of god-like proportions. Uncover the secrets of Aero’s past and immerse yourself in a world with Halos (rings of energy that surround people and allow use of elemental magic techniques) as well as talking hammers and some characters that are as ancient as history itself.

Driven by an imaginative world, interesting lore and breathtaking battle sequences, “Halo’s” serves as the first book of an expansive series, as well as a gateway into a much larger world filled with colorful characters and century old mysteries.

“Iliad brought the group’s forward pace to a halt. He had heard a strange noise somewhere not far ahead of them. He drew one of his muskets, which caused Aero to ready his hammer. Boe peeked over Iliad’s shoulder, she had been hiding behind him as soon as they heard the noise. From deep within the shadows that filled the spaces between the frozen bamboo a pair of crimson eyes could be seen leering in their direction. A soft growl could be heard before the creature shot out of the unknown. Now running directly at Iliad was a creature that resembled a lion, a sleek body with strong legs, a massive tail that whipped back and forth with a small chunk of ice frozen onto the end, its face resembling a large feline with sharp teeth that extended far out of its mouth. Only its skin, instead of being fur like a lion’s would, was the consistency of tree bark and throughout its body a complex system of vines tangled themselves from a mane that surrounded its face, down to its large paws, which were equipped with thorn-like claws. This was the Wampum Root, an ancient plant demon that was only a myth outside of this forest.”

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