Saved by the Enemy

Written by Craig Ledbetter
Category: · History

Framed in the historical time line from Hitler’s rise to power to the end of the Nazi regime thirteen years later was a Jewish family, with two young sons, living in Berlin. With the clouds gathering, they realized they had no means to leave and therefore must ride out the storm. Their hopes faded as stricter restrictions were placed on them and the bullying and hatred of Jews intensified. Suddenly, Kristallnacht erupted and the numbers of killings and deportations surged. The family was repeatedly pushed deeper into the neglected ghettos, and the father was forced into slave labor. The Nazi SS was assigned the task of making Berlin the center of Hitler s growing evil empire Judenfrei (Jewish free). The mother and children had no choice but to flee the terror when it finally arrived at their door; it was already too late for the father. Running into the night, with no other options, the mother made a phone call to a woman who might be either a friend or an enemy. A plan was quickly hatched. “There is no good place to hide; you can only hide amongst your enemy and pray that your secret is not discovered.” And what a train ride it was….



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