SAND IN MY HAIR: A childhood memoir of growing up by the sea in the 1950s and early 1960s


To a shy little girl, born in the 1950s, the world was sometimes a scary and bewildering place. Often frightened of her own shadow, little Sandra quickly discovers that her peers can sometimes be hurtful, and that grown-ups aren’t always polite and kind.
This gentle, often-humorous story of approximately 44,000 words, takes you from her birth in a grimy mill town, to her junior school days by the sea – when fifty children in one class was normal – and adults regularly turned a blind eye to bullying. Forced into taking elocution and dancing lessons, which she really isn’t cut out for, Sandra often finds it a struggle to meet the expectations of her parents and teachers.
The book takes the reader back to a time of freedom and innocence, when young children walked to school unaccompanied and regularly played outside from dawn till dusk. It was a world of love and laughter, mixed with sadness and uncertainties. An age when every penny counted and children were naive enough to believe that making babies meant taking a pill with a cup of tea.



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