RUM CITY BAR: Sunny Ray Series-Book One

Written by MAC FORTNER
Category: · Arts & Photography


Look out Parrot heads, there’s a new Margaritaville in town.
Join Sunny Ray as he heads for Nashville to become a star. His arrival doesn’t go as planned. Murder, drugs and beautiful women lead him in a heart-pounding chase south to the Florida Keys. Tormented, he has to put his dream of becoming a star on hold. Looking over his shoulder every step of the way for the relentless drug lord that has a score to settle with him, he takes a life changing cruise into another dimension-and lands on Rumora, an Island where Music is its soul and Rum is the blood that runs through the islands veins. There, Sunny discovers Rum City Bar and is told he will have to rely on an old friend to save his life, but there aren’t any around; or are there? Diving deeper into the underworld, Sunny finds ghosts from the past and friends from another world are always there to help him. Humor, suspense, and sex make Sunny a friend you’ll want more of. A fun Beach Read.



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