Room Service

Written by Chance Carter

“Don’t even think about touching my new assistant.”
That’s the one rule I’ve got.
My reputation depends on it.
But when Mona walks into my office, all sass and attitude, I realize it’s not going to be easy.
She’s innocent as an angel but trapped in the body of a complete seductress.
How am I supposed to resist this tempting bundle of curves and lust?
How am I not going to push her up against my desk and bend her right over it?
How am I not going to make her scream my name while I take her in every filthy way imaginable?

I manage to behave … barely … until it’s time for our first business trip.
Then the hotel screws up and we have to share a room.
For a week.

Screw this.
All bets are off.
Who said I had to obey my own rules anyway?



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