Rockefeller: A Titan of Industry | The Life and Legacy of John D. Rockefeller

Written by James Hoffman

Rockefeller: A Titan of Industry (The True John D. Rockefeller Story)

John D. Rockefeller knew what it was like to have money troubles. As a boy, he was too often left in the position of man of the house. His mother’s guidance and his passion for Christ set him on a never-ending path of perseverance.

At an early age, Rockefeller had a calling. His mission was to serve God by amassing as much money as possible in order to build heaven on earth. Yet the nation believed the vehicle Rockefeller used to do this drove many of his competitors to ruination. His behemoth Standard Oil became synonymous with greed.

As the muckrakers of the late 19th century stirred the United States’ population into a frenzy, Theodore Roosevelt vowed to stop the empire John D. Rockefeller had spent creating during the first half of his life. This biography is the story of one man’s will to succeed and how his triumphs spanned beyond three generations. Vehemently hated by some, John D. Rockefeller came to be loved by many, for his life and fortune were devoted to the betterment of the world.

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