Roblox Books: Diary of a Roblox Noob: Interactive Jailbreak (Unofficial New Roblox Noob Diaries)

Written by Robloxia Kid
Category: · Children’s Books

Will Noob make it out alive? It’s up to you!

The Roblox Noob is a Robux counterfeiter! Or at least that’s what the police said before sending him
to Roblox jailbreak…Will Noob manage to escape? You decide!
But be careful: there is only one path to a successful Roblox Jailbreak. Are you smart enough to find
it? Or will you fall prey to the traps and challengesahead, like so many others? No wonder,
there are way too many endings…
Perfect for any Roblox fan aged five to fourteen, this exciting Roblox adventure is packed with
awesome illustrations. Take part in Noob’s adventures like never before!
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