RNWMP: Bride for Liam (Mail Order Mounties Book 25)

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Category: · Historical Romance

After being left at the altar, Adele does the unthinkable and heads to the Northwest Territories to marry a Mountie. When she arrives, she soon learns that things are different than the life of luxury she grew up with—but she’s determined to prove herself capable of surviving in the primitive world she finds herself in.

Liam has never had much luck with women, so he figures having a bride sent to him will save him the agony of having to court a woman and sweep her off her feet. To his surprise, his new bride promptly informs him that even though they’re already married, she still expects to be wooed.

How is he supposed to know how to sweep a woman off her feet when he’s more apt to step all over them? Can these two strangers find a way to believe that what they have to offer is more than enough to make each other happy?



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