Rise in Pride Roz: The R.I.P. Series Book 3

Written by Kris Johnston

“Darkness may be in control, but love is the Light.”

**The epic conclusion to Roz and Jimmy’s love story!** Not a standalone!

Roz and Jimmy’s relationship has been through every up and down imaginable, even overcoming death to find each other. But now that Jimmy has turned to The Dark, it seems as if their love is bound to fail.

Roz, however, is not going to lose hope so easily. She is determined to make Jimmy remember who he truly is, no matter how frequently he drains her life force with just a simple kiss. With the help of her powerful foster mom Bonnie, and unlikely ally Parker Evans, she forges a battle against the darkness that threatens not only her happiness but her life.

Discover surprising twists, intriguing new characters, and incredible heartfelt emotions in this epic, final conclusion of Roz and Jimmy’s love story.

**This is NOT a standalone**
Rise in Pride Roz is appropriate for readers age 14 and older. It contains minimal profanity and passionate kisses. Adult readers will love the family-oriented story lines, while teen readers will love the fantasy and adventure. RIP 3 is a must-read for all ages!

While this installment brings a conclusion to Roz and Jimmy’s story, there is more to come in this exciting series!



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