Rise and Shine (Cape High Series Book 20)

Written by R.J. Ross

“I caught a glimpse of the pets, too,” I admit. “They look like real animals, even move like them. I sort of wanted one, myself.”

“Your dad could make you one?” Adanna asks.

“Well, I’m still grieving over my last pet.”

“What last pet?” she stops and stares at me. “PLEASE tell me you’re not talking about the exploding mutant guinea pig.”

“It was a heartbreaking time, okay!” I say as she starts to laugh. “I’d like to have a pet, but… well, I’m not sure I want one that’s smarter than I am.” She starts laughing even harder, so I give up and take her cookie.

All of a sudden Cubby jerks, looking up excitedly. “It’s on!” he says, running past me for the house.

“It’s on! It’s on!” Robo says, chasing after him. I look at Adanna, who groans and gets to her feet.

“Come on, we’re watching them, remember?”

“Petleaves! Everybody loves Petleaves!” plays from the wall as we walk into their front room. It’s some sort of commercial, I guess? I walk over, looking at the wall-sized television, wondering what’s so fascinating. On the screen are a group of kids about Cubby’s age, surrounding a very strange looking plant…

“’Danna, Sunny, it’s on!” Cubby says, pointing at it.

“I know, Cubby, but remember, Papa said no. The only creatures we buy off the Dark Shopping Network are the ones that need to be in our sanctuary, remember?”

I feel a chill run down my spine, barely hearing the two as I stare at the screen. The plant on the commercial… it’s moving just like an animal.



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