Reverse Engineer Your Future: Stop Waiting for Success — Go Out and Make It Happen Now

Written by Paul James
Category: · Business & Money

If you’re waiting for that lucky break or fortuitous chance meeting that will set you on the road to happiness and financial success, you’re wasting your time. You can hope for something good to happen–or you can make it happen. Paul James transformed himself from a struggling musician living in his brother’s garage to a successful Internet marketer pulling in seven-figures in sales by utilizing seven essential insights. The powerful principles that dramatically altered his life can change yours as well.

Controlling your future requires the ability to think differently and a willingness to switch directions quickly, if necessary. Paul offers seven keys to unlocking your hidden strengths and passions, which will enable you to clearly define who you want–and don’t want–to be. He provides effective methods for breaking down a targeted end result into a series of specific, attainable goals you can reach without the help of any outside benefactor.

Trusting your fate to good fortune is a dead end. It’s time to take charge of your personal destiny. Reverse Engineer Your Future is your invaluable roadmap out of the comfort zone you’ve been stuck in while waiting for your life to change.



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