Recycling for money (1)

Written by Kold Hai
Category: · Business & Money

Welcome to my first series of books where I will be teaching how to make money by recycling old junk.

2 years ago I saw an interview on TV about the recycling business and I really saw a money making opportunity!
After doing a lot of researching I figured out what was worth money and how I could get my hands on all kinds of materials that are worth money!

For the last year I make around €1000 a month just by doing this in my spare time.
Because I have a regular job I do not have time to do this fulltime.

In this book I will be explaining the basics about the whole deal and how to get you started with making money.
Later on I will go into to whole deal a lot further showing you how to make this a great income for your without little effort!

Most of the research and information comes from myself which I figured out to be a great way to make BIG BUCKS!
Also in the book there are links to people who will explain a lot more in videos, people who I personally have contact with and have agreed on helping me out with this series of books!

If you are ready to make some money this series of books will be just for you!
Or even if you are looking for another hobby, or to make a living!
It will be all explained in these series of books.
From the basics, to further into details on all kinds of materials, how to get old junk without little effort and even a way to extract precious metals like gold and silver from electronics which I am doing myself!

Hope you all enjoy!



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