Raw (Revenge Book 6)

Written by Trevion Burns

This was it. She was going to prison. She’d tested Detective Lincoln Hill’s determination one time too many. Underestimated his keen wit. Misjudged his naked resolve.

But she couldn’t dwell on how she’d been caught. She couldn’t dwell on anything but the fact that her quest for revenge was officially over. Brought to an end by her best friend. A friend who didn’t yet know what a monster she truly was…

She wondered how he’d react when they locked eyes. When he realized the truth. That his best friend was the woman he’d been hunting for months. That his best friend was the psychopath who’d been brutally attacking rich men all across the island. That his best friend…

Was The Shadow Rock Chopper.

RAW is an interracial novel.
Triggering elements. Strong sexual content. Strong language.
This story ends in a cliffhanger. The Revenge Series is written to unfold over multiple volumes.

Book 1: Quiver
Book 2: Tingle
Book 3: Purr
Book 4: Yearn
Book 5: Pulse
Book 6: Raw
Book 7: coming soon



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