Rare (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

Written by Jade Sinclair
Category: · Romance

Introducing “RARE” – A New Alpha Male Billionaire Romance by Jade Sinclair!

A Brand New Alpha Male Billionaire Romance Series!

Arrogant, controlling, conceited, playboy!

That’s the only way Michelle could describe Thomas James, the billionaire bastard who she strongly revolted. Not only did he have the nerve to rudely cut her off in the parking lot and steal her parking spot but he intentionally outbid her for the Artemis Clock with an obscene amount of money which he knew she couldn’t afford. He didn’t even want the rare antique!

Despite her hatred for him and his egotistical and conceited nature, she couldn’t help notice his broad shoulders, his roguish looks and confident air as he tried to interest her in purchasing the clock, on his terms of course!

Her passion to impress her boss, Mrs. Belkins with this rare and high quality antique compelled Michelle, to surrender to Tom’s conditions.

Is this a bid she can win or does he win something else?

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