Quinn Goes West: A gripping mystery thriller (Liam Quinn Mysteries Book 3)

Written by LH Thomson
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Someone wants Liam Quinn dead, but he’s not sure if it’s the aging TV actor, the aging mobster, or one of a bevy of local gals who have him in their sights. The desert’s a tough place, and Arizona is a long way from his beloved Philadelphia. The Nora situation is more convoluted than ever, a hippie with a mean streak has a gun to his head, two goons are digging his grave and the last time he stepped in the ring, some guy knocked him out without even touching him. Still, Quinn would tell you it beats dealing with his love life and family back in Philly, at least marginally. And that’s what happens — well, that and a dead guy — when Quinn Goes West.

For lovers of Robert B. Parker, John D. MacDonald and Sue Grafton, this private eye series offers a steady stream of action and adventure, humor and even some romance.

Q – Why do readers relate to Quinn? He’s an ex-con.

A – He’s a guy who made a mistake, and no one is harder on Liam than Liam, I think — at least in the first few books. And he’s got a big, troublesome extended family. I was trying to capture that feeling we’ve all had at some point around the dinner table or at a family event, when you know you really love them but boy, what you wouldn’t give to say what you’re really thinking!

Q – For a guy who fights so much, he’s kind of a big softy! Was that deliberate?

A – He developed as a character based on a backstory and a family history that I had pretty firmly in mind; but by having once been a champion boxer, it gave me a chance to let him handle disputes without using a gun, a definite necessity for an ex-con. I like to think he’s his parents’ son.

Q – Do I need to read them in order?

A -It helps. It’s not necessary, as every book is a self-contained mystery (or three); but the backstory of his family and the progression of his life in Philadelphia makes a lot more sense in chronological order:
1. Quinn Checks In
2. Quinn Gets His Kicks
3. Quinn Goes West
4. Quinn and the Vanishing Bride
5. Quinn Gets the Blues
6. Quinn and the Dead Man’s Daughter
7. Quinn Slips the noose
8. Quinn Goes to Jail
9. Quinn Gets Hitched
10 Quinn Plays Ball — COMING SOON!

Q – So why should I try them?

A – Because you’re looking for a fun read, with lots of action and a mystery to test your sleuthing. If you like books by Gregory McDonald, Janet Evanovich or Stuart Woods, you’ll enjoy Quinn.

Quinn Checks in is the first gripping suspense thriller in the Liam Quinn PI mysteries, a new series of private detective novels from the Canadian master of mystery, thrillers and suspense, LH Thomson. The Quinn books take Liam from Center City, Philadelphia to the west coast, Florida and into the dark heart of urban crime — but not without Liam keeping his sense of humor intact.

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– Hard-boiled mysteries
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