Profit Hacking: The Web Entrepreneur’s 3 Part Formula For Maximizing Success

Written by Steven Daar
Category: · Business & Money

Have you been frustrated by ineffective tactics for marketing & growing your business?

Do you ever feel like you’ve wasted your money (or even worse, your time) pursuing a strategy that failed to bear fruit in the form of increased profits?

You’re not alone. In fact, almost every entrepreneur & business owner at some point or another has fallen into the trap of investing themselves into a complete WOMBAT (Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time).

The majority of the time when a well-intentioned entrepreneur falls into a WOMBAT, it happens when they lose sight of the Profit Hacking Formula.

The 3 parts of the formula are the only things you can focus on improving that will increase your profits.

There are sections in Profit Hacking dedicated to showing you exactly how to ‘hack’ and subsequently scale each of those 3 Pillars.

You will also discover the leverage points “hidden” in your business (the places where just a little bit of effort and improvement yield massive gains) & the fastest way to double your monthly profits.

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner, a brand new entrepreneur, or work in digital marketing, Profit Hacking will help you grow the bottom line.

In this no-fluff, highly-actionable book, Steve Daar shows how you can turn your business into a machine that attracts prospects & leads like a magnet, effectively converts them into buyers, and convinces them to become lifelong customers + advocates for your company.

Pulling from years as an entrepreneur, investing thousands of hours & tens of thousands of dollars into self-directed marketing education, and managing over $1,300,000 in online advertising spend for Fortune 500-level businesses, he reveals to the reader how to reach the full profit potential of their business.

Through this book, you will learn:

•The ‘Secret’ To Significant Traffic Increases…and it almost certainly isn’t what you’re thinking

•Tips for Massive Scale & Growth in your business

•The Undeniable Formula for hacking your profits

Profit Hacking shows you PRECISELY how to maximize every marketing activity you do from this day forward. How to maximize the value of each visitor, prospect, lead, customer, and client your business attracts (and how to get more of them).

Banish the WOMBATs. Stop wasting your time, money, and effort on ineffective tactics & strategies. Learn how to grow your business faster & more effectively than ever before through the Profit Hacking principles.



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