Productivity: Become a Master in Getting Things Done (Managing, Time, Energy, Procrastination, Procrastinator, Management)

Written by A.C. Drexel
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Learn How To Boost Your Productivity, Make Quick Decisions, Take Actions, And Become A Master In Getting Things Done.

Have you ever heard the expression “The road to hell is paved by good intentions” and wondered what that means in relationship to your life? The fact is that the number of people suffering from stress in this day and age actually correlates with the amount of people that can’t get what they want out of life. If you have looked beyond the cover of this book, you are obviously looking for something. Are you a writer who never actually writes? Are you a salesman who doesn’t quite get to his quota every month? Do you have intentions that you never fulfill?

There are several reasons for this and these are covered in this book. What gives me the right to dictate how you can become more productive? I learned through trial and error but I also used very great examples as those whose advice was worth listening to. If you want success, then who better to examine than successful people? The fact is that you may even be sabotaging your own chances of success for various psychological reasons. This book will explain them to you and you can use it as your ‘go to’ guide to help you to overcome the obstacles that stop you from becoming productive.

I now achieve ten times more than I used to. I have a successful business and I am able to have my fair share of leisure. Why? Because when you manage productivity, you also manage to get your life in the kind of order that allows you to have fun too. People who are successful may initially slave over the process that took them there, but their continued success isn’t based upon this idea of keeping their nose to the grind. It’s all about using time in a productive way.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How To Set Clear And Ambitious Goals In Life
  • Learning to Use Your Time Wisely
  • Key Habits to Stay Productive
  • How to Stay Motivated
  • And Much, Much More…

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