Priceless Love

Written by Emily Walters

Miranda has an amazing job on a seven-star cruise ship, her best friend works with her and she gets to sail around the world. But her perfect world she tried so hard to create comes crashing down when Alec Bane climbs on board. He is rich, handsome and a complete playboy. From the minute he sets eyes on Miranda he singles her out, but Miranda won’t be fooled by his charming manners and alluring dark blue eyes. She sees him for the womanizing fool he is and won’t have anything to do with him. Fate however has something else in store for her. When she is outsourced to another company, Miranda finds herself working as a personal assistant for Alec Bane. Seeing him every day and being in such close proximity has a strange effect on Miranda and she doesn’t know how long she can fight off this growing attraction. When the truth comes out about Alec, Miranda is heartbroken but gets a chance to become the happiest woman on earth.



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