POD (The Pattern Universe Book 2)

Written by Tobias Roote
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Following on from The Pattern Ship, ‘POD’ the second book in the series, sees the newly sentient escape pod, accidentally enhanced by Zeke’s transformed Alacite, continue to develop as an individual.
Despite Zirkos and Ship remaining missing, the tiny AI continues to try and follow their instructions to assist the humans develop their technology. As the power struggle between Fortress and Space Island continues on Earth POD decides to await the outcome; concentrating instead on preparations to take on the real enemy, the Nubl.

Part 1: The Pattern Ship: amazon.com/dp/B00HGFP8W2
Part 3: Nubl Wars: amazon.com/dp/B0165WGPRI
Part 4: SKY CITY: amazon.com/dp/B0133LN2S0



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