Pocket Mentor: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building a Lasting Business from Scratch (Mastermind Included)

Written by Mark Nureddine
Category: · Business & Money

Are you an entrepreneur missing a mentor?

If so, Pocket Mentor is what you’ve been looking for.

Not only do you get a comprehensive guide to launching and building a lasting business, you also get complimentary access to the author’s exclusive mastermind for entrepreneurs!

Start reading now to:

  • discover if you’ve got what it takes to take your business to 25 years and counting

  • find out which mistakes you can avoid and how to bounce back if you trip

  • learn if your business idea has the wings to fly

  • figure out your profit margins with a proven formula

  • discover the type of market research that matters

  • learn about the legal issues of creating and running a business

  • find out how to manage your financials

  • discover proven and new ways to hire

  • learn how to work effectively with suppliers

  • understand how to launch your product

and much more!

Pocket Mentor is the missing link between where you are now and where you want to be. Grab your copy now to take your business idea to the next level!



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