Play Piano With Chords – Just How Guitarists Learn Guitar

Written by J C Lark
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**Learn to Play Piano in A few Weeks with No Music**

Discover how easy it is to learn to play piano or keyboard?

Are you not sure about formal lessons?

This easy to follow instructional book may be what you are looking for. 

Lessons are easy to follow and will teach you to play a wide range of songs within a few weeks. 
Using this simple book a complete beginner will learn to play piano or keyboard using just chords, in the same way that the average teenager learns to play guitar, and will quickly learn to play and be able to jam with friends and family or just themselves within a very short period of time.

Join the hundreds that have learned to play using this easy system.

This book will not make you a concert pianist but it will get you playing songs you know, in a matter of weeks.

All you do is follow the easy instructions, and practice for ten short minutes a day to learn to play simple piano.

The book is written by a piano teacher with over 30 years teaching experience. Using this knowledge this book has been written for those not wishing to study formally, yet needs some instruction to start them on the right track. 

An optional free resource pack is now available for use with this book. 
Join the hundreds that have learned to play piano with this easy to understand instruction book.



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