Pizza Night: A Simple Meal Plan

Written by Bethany Bontrager

Are you tired of eating crackers and peanut butter for dinner because there’s “nothing to eat” at your house? Are you sick of cooking and washing dishes? Do meal times sneak up on you, with hungry little (or big) people pouncing on you at 5:00 pm? What happens when you run out of peanut butter and crackers?!

You can enjoy meal times again. With a little planning and a little bit of cooking, dinner will NEVER surprise you again. Produce will not be rotting in your refrigerator because you forgot to use it. You will lose the weight you gained from only eating crackers, peanut butter, and fast food, and you will probably cut your grocery bill in half.

Your family will think you are “the best cook ever”. People will rave about your food at potlucks, because it was something homemade and not a bag of chips. Friends and family will ask to come over to your house for dinner, because this “pizza night” thing they hear about sounds so cool.

What have you got to lose? Read this short book and give Pizza Night a try.

*Wednesday Is Pizza Night includes meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the week, with variations on almost every meal, as well as some bonus ideas for snacks and potlucks.



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