Paula Deen: Fall From Grace

Written by Michael Winslow

From the acclaimed publisher of bestselling biographies of Steve Jobs, Tiger Woods, and Whitney Houston comes the controversial unauthorized true story of Paula Deen’s unlikely success and sudden fall from grace.

“Deen has been lifted as the symbol of racists across the country, and punished, less for her own sins, than for the sins of the entire American South,” author and celebrity columnist Michael Winslow writes. “Yes, horrible, ugly things happened in our history, and we shouldn’t just shut them up in a box and pretend they never happened, but we also cannot project them entirely onto one woman.”

“Paula Deen: Fall From Grace” is a compelling, first-of-its kind work explores Deen’s humble beginnings, crushing early personal burdens, her inspiring attainment of fame and fortune, and the untold, unauthorized true story behind the race-fueled scandal that has deep fried the Southern culinary queen’s expansive media empire.



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